RM/RO Series

November 2006

To all of our customers

Updates to the old model RM/RO Rotary Pump

May we express our warmest greetings and appreciation for your continued support.
We would like to take this occasion to provide information on the old model RM/RO
Rotary Pumps and request your attention and consideration.

We began developing and marketing our RM/RO Rotary Pumps in 1973 and have been
extremely fortunate that they have been used since by a large number of our valued
customers. In 1995, it was upgraded to the JM/JO model, which provides easier
cleaning and a higher lift. This has enabled use of the pump on even a broader basis,
and we very much appreciate that this never would have been possible without your
continued support.

It has now been 11 years since the JM/JO pump went on the market in September 1995.
Accordingly, we would like on this occasion to recommend the updating of the old model
RM/RO pump to the JM/JO model.
We are still producing and supplying replacement parts such as mechanical seals and
O-rings for the old-model RM/RO pump on a per order basis. However, we will be
terminating supply for other parts once inventory for them runs out. The installation
dimensions for the current JM/JO model are the same as those for the RM/RO model, so
they are compatible (*).

Therefore, we recommend that you take this opportunity to update your pumps to the
JM/JO model as soon as possible. We are happy to provide any support you may need.
Thank you for your attention.

*Only the shaft dimensions differ.


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