Pumping Beauty Creams

Liquid handled: Beauty Creams

Type of industry: Cosmetics

Customer's Problems

· We would like to draw high-viscous cream from deep drums.
· All of powerful pumps are of the contact type, so we are concerned about foreign object impurities.
· We are manufacturing the final product, so we would like to disassemble the equipment (pump) to clean.

Nakakin’s Proposals

· We proposed using the Nakakin rotary piston pump JO series and a filling machine.
· Using and being able to control the Nakakin rotary piston pump allows for distribution of even high-viscous liquids at the highest level of precision.
· Due to the non-contact structure, there is very little risk of foreign object impurities.
· Easy disassembly/assembly.

The Results

· High powered pumping with consistent pressure.
· Greater peace of mind with regard to foreign object impurities!


Example for Beauty Cream - Nakakin Rotary Piston Pumps