Pumping Yoghurt and Fruit Pieces without Crushing the Pieces

Liquid handled: Yoghurt with fruit pieces

Type of industry: Food

Customer's Problems

· We put the base liquid and fruit pieces into the batch tank, and stir them to manufacture our products, but
· the mixture is highly viscous, so the mixture rate is not stable.
· the mixture is highly viscous, so mixing takes a lot of time and this adversely affects the quality.
· the stirring adversely affects the quality, and often changes the shape of the fruit pieces.

Nakakin’s Proposals

· We proposed instantaneous mixing using Nakakin SC Pumps.
· Liquids and solids are mixed consistently as they are pumped simultaneously through our pump. These are mixed as they exit the pump through the piping.
· By using Nakakin Rotary Pumps with the single-blade rotor, the shape of the fruit pieces never changes.

The Results

· Dramatic improvement in mixing precision!
· Prevention of deterioration in quality!


Example for Yoghurt - Nakakin Rotary Piston Pumps