Pumping very high-viscous bread dough

Liquid handled: Bread dough

Type of industry: Food

Customer's Problems

· The bread dough is incredibly viscous and tough to handle.
· We would like to improve our product yield.
· We would like to shorten the manufacturing time.
· We would like to increase product safety.

Nakakin's Proposals

· We propose using Nakakin rotary piston pumps with hoppers for high-viscous liquids.
· This allows for distribution of ultra high-viscosity substances such as bread dough (approx. 300.000 mPas).
· Due to the non-contact structure, there is very little risk of foreign object impurities.
· Dramatically improves the filling precision.
· Shortens the filling time by one-third.

The Results

· Improvement in product yield!
· Shortening of the manufacturing time!
· Achievement of product safety!


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