Body Scrubs Containing Grained Salt

Liquid handled: Body scrubs containing grained salt

Type of industry: Cosmetics

Customer's Problems

· Ultra high viscosity liquid with mingled solids
· We have tried various pumps up to this point.
· The machines are too large.
· We can’t idle the pumps.
· Corrosion and wear result in high costs for maintenance.
· Wear on the pump often results in foreign object impurities.

So, we are not satisfied with anything we have tried.

Nakakin’s Proposals

· We proposed using the Nakakin Rotary Pump JMU Series.
· Using the Nakakin Rotary Pump allows for distribution of low- to high-viscosity liquids.
· Due to the non-contact structure, there is very little risk of foreign object impurities.
· Due to the non-contact structure, there is no significant damage even after idling.
· Easy to maintain (disassemble/assemble)

The Results

· Distribution of high-viscosity liquids in a stable manner!
· Reduced labor costs and time spent on maintenance!
· Greater peace of mind with regard to foreign object impurities and idling of the pumps!


Example for Body Scrubs