Liquid Egg

Liquid handled: Liquid egg, sweetened liquid egg, salted liquid egg

Type of industry: Food

Customer's Problems

Liquid egg…
· tends to be frothy.
· becomes sticky.
· Because of varying container volumes that need to be filled, it makes it a hassle to adjust the settings each time.
· E. coli readily develops within the process, necessitating a high degree of cleanability.
· We cannot carry out high-temperature cleaning, so we must have less liquid pooling.

Nakakin’s Proposals

· We proposed using a filling machine with a Nakakin rotary piston pump.
· Using the Nakakin rotary piston pump allows for filling at high speed and high precision.
· The CIP system within the pump and wetted structure of the filling machine allow for a high degree of cleanability.

The Results

· No more E. coli!
· Cost reduction due to the shorter manufacturing time!


Example for Liquid Egg - Nakakin Rotary Piston Pumps